Healthier Choices

Fat per 100g

Steamed bread rolls are made with much less fat than pastry and fried snacks.

We also use fat reduced coconut and lower fat meat.

Saturated Fat per 100g


Saturated fat is an important factor in heart disease. The fat used in Ninkee rolls is much lower than pastry and fried snacks.


We also use premium cold pressed Welsh gold rapeseed oil, which has half the saturated fat of olive oil.


For more about Blodyn Aur cold-pressed Welsh rapeseed oil 


Salt per 100g

We use low sodium salt in Ninkee rolls. Only 1/3rd the sodium of traditional salt! More about LoSalt


The rolls are made with no sodium raising agents. More about baking powder

Sugar per 100g

Some sugar is used in Ninkee rolls to help the yeast based dough to ferment and rise. To reduce un-necessary sugar and calories we use alternative sweeteners.



Erythritol is a sugar alcohol created from fermented plants such as corn, fruit or wheat. It has only 6% the calories of sugar, but tastes just like sugar.

Find out more about Erythritol


Steviol glycosides from Stevia plants are about 2000 times the sweetness of sugar. We use very very small amounts to sweeten some fillings.

Find out more about Stevia


Fibre per 100g


Ninkee rolls are coated in golden oat bran which adds fibre to every roll. We also use haricot beans and other plant based ingredients to increase fibre, making several Ninkee rolls a "source of fibre".

More about oat bran and health

Kcal per 100g


Each Ninkee roll is 110g

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