Accreditation, IPR and support.

SALSA and SGS public sector accreditation.


Site code 6484


Certificate 14249


Expires 22/01/23


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Ninkee has a well developed food safety and quality management system with online data collection and retrieval. Audited for SALSA on Nov 21 including additional SGS Public sector requirements.


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Business support


Ninkee is supported by Food innovation Wales and by the Welsh government through the Rural development programme.



Intellectual property


The Ninkee roll has been developed over 4 years of R&D. It is a unique and innovative product available directly from Ninkee or under licence. The name, product and design are protected by several registrations.


- UK patent GB2543390 published 6/5/2020 describes the Ninkee roll.


- The Ninkee shape and spiral pattern are protected by design registration 6047134 filed 29/10/2018.


- The name Ninkee is registered as an EU trade mark at EUIPO number 017587265 on 14/5/2018.


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