Our mission - to provide delicious hot food to people on the go as a healthier option.

Ninkees are made by us in our dedicated food processing unit in rural West Wales.


Our business park is part of Food Centre Wales and we have developed our products and processes with support and advice from the Food Centre.

The view from our factory at 6:00am when we start making Ninkees!


Ninkees are made from traditional bread dough, kneaded, sheeted flat, and formed into a spiral roll. The rolls are then proofed and steamed ready for filling.




Ninkee makes all its own fillings using raw ingredients from selected suppliers. The fillings are fully cooked before being deposited into the cooked rolls and sealed in with a sponge batter plug. The filled rolls are blast frozen before being sealed into wrappers and packed for distribution. There are 18 process steps to make a Ninkee!


Ninkee rolls can be re-heated either in a microwave for 60 seconds at 900W or in an oven for 9 minutes from chilled. Hot hold or serve sealed in the wrapper for the ideal grab and go handheld snack. 


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